Our 2-Year Warranty at Colasante Windows & Doors in Trenton

What does Colasante’s 2-year warranty mean to you?

We replace any defective product or part thereof for the first 2 years at no cost to the customer, including labour.

Why is this different from other companies?

The industry standard for a labour warranty is 1 year, so if a product or part thereof breaks in the third year, you are charged the labour for installation.
For example: A sealed unit in a new window has condensation between the glass in the third year. Usually, there is no charge for the glass, but most companies will charge you for the labour to replace it. Depending on the size of the glass, the charge could be as much as $80 or more.
Most consumers forget to activate a warranty on items such as windows, doors or siding after a few years. We want our customers to know they can and should rely on us.