Door Sales & Installation by Colasante Windows & Doors in Trenton


We provide a vast array of door and glass designs in a multitude of colors and styles. Our suppliers are leaders in the manufacturing of their doors.
Made with quality and endurance in mind, door frames are screwed together, not stapled, security lock blocks are standard, and wood frames are vinyl coated to provide you with a maintenance-free interior and exterior. Energy-efficient, magnetic-compression weather stripping seals like your refrigerator door.
Check out our high-security replacement door, which is specially designed to replace your existing single door without removing the whole wood frame.
We understand that you, as the customer, have different options when looking for home improvement companies. At Colasante’s you hire us to work with you on your projects not just for you. That is what differentiates us from the rest. Our value is created through making sure our customers are truly satisfied, from start to finish. We pride ourselves in affordability, superior products, quality installation and most importantly customer satisfaction.

Security & Elegance

  • No need to remove existing wood frame
  • Ball-bearing hinges with polished brass,black chrome, or nickel finish enhance any décor
  • Low-profile sill for easy access
  • Multi-finned sweep keeps wind and weather outside
  • Full 12″ lock block
  • High-security steel frame for added safety
  • New Q-LON magnetic-compression weatherstripping for an airtight seal
  • Steel faces
  • Polyurethane insulation – no CFCs


We go farther than most companies in the industry to protect your investment. Find out what Colasante’s 2-year warranty does for you.